Frequently Asked Questions about Graduation

This is a list of questions about graduation that usually get asked by students at the advisement center. 

Can I walk in a ceremony if I'm not graduating at that time?

  • Yes, fill out a Request to Walk form and turn it in to the advisement center. Forms are available starting 2-3 months before graduation which you wish to walk.
  • April graduation- available beginning of February
  • August graduation- available beginning of June

I need to move my graduation to another date. Can I do that?
I missed the graduation application deadline. Can I still apply?
  • Though applying by the deadline will make things easier for everyone, the answer is usually yes. However, the closer it gets to graduation, the less likely we will be able to accept your application past the deadline. Please contact us as soon as you can.

Will my name be on the program?
  • If you applied for graduation by the application deadline, yes. Please note that if you are walking in a ceremony that does not correspond with your actual graduation date your name may not be in the program of the graduation in which you walk.

What information is on the diploma?
  • The university's name
  • The university seal
  • Your name as it was given to the university on your graduation application
  • The degree awarded
  • Any honors and distinctions
  • The date your degree was awarded
  • Signatures of the chairman of the Board of Trustees and of the president of the university
  • Also see this sample diploma.

Will my double major or my minor show on my diploma?
  • No, but it will be reflected on your official university transcript.
  • Answers to many other commonly asked questions can be found at the general Graduation FAQs page provided by the university.