Preparing for Graduation 

These steps are to help you make sure that you can make it to graduation without running into too many kinks.

1. Participating in graduation ceremonies vs. actual graduation

  • Keep in mind that participating in a graduation ceremony does not mean you have graduated!
  • Ceremonies take place prior to the posting of degrees -- you officially graduate when your degree is posted

2. Make sure you will fulfill all graduation requirements. 

  • University Core requirements
    • General Education
    • Religious Education
  • Requirements in a Major (and in any minors or secondary majors, if applicable)
  • Minimum university requirements
    • 30 residency hours
    • 120 total hours
    • 2.0 GPA (cumulative and BYU GPAs)
      Feel free to schedule an appointment with your advisor if you would like to go over these requirements. 
      More information about these requirements can be found in the university catalog.

3. Be aware of important deadlines

A current list of deadlines for upcoming graduation dates can be found on the BYU Graduation Office website.
  • We will periodically be mailing important information about graduation. If your address is not correct, you will miss that information.
  • The Graduation office (B-150 ASB) will mail you a sample how your name will appear on your diploma to make sure it is correct.
  • Your diploma will be sent to this address!